The taming of Brunhilda on the streets of Istanbul

Time out in Istanbul

This is going to be a long post - please take the time for it to load for all the images.  The title of this post may also sound a little weird for several reasons and its all because my 10 year old daughter decided to name my new Sony A7R II. The name she gave it was "Brunhilda". I'm not quite sure what she meant by giving it the name of Brunhilda, but it has become a bit of a joke around the house (even when I was booking flights).

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Project Minions!

project minions

When I am conducting photography or video workshops I am often asked many questions which range from which is the best camera or lens to use to what are the best settings to use or how I may have taken a particular photo that someone saw in my gallery.   My response often varies from one circumstance to another, though one of the most common things I talk about is having a project to work on (or in some cases a number of projects).  Creating a photography project can be quite rewarding and is often a good way to focus you

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Shapes, lines and beauty underwater

Shapes and lines underwater

The new Nauticam housing for the Olympus OM-D EM-5 II finally arrived a few weeks ago and while I was rushing things a little getting all the gear prepared, I decided to head to Pulau Redang on the east coast of Malaysia to test it out and just get comfortable with the photography side of the gear.  A new camera and housing always takes time to work out and this trip was no exception with some silly mistakes being made - need to remember to never rush things!

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Double V time - Vietnam with a Veydra 16mm!

Keeping it simple

Vietnam is one of my most favourite countries to visit and I find photographic opportunities on every street.  If you ever have a couple of days free in Vietnam, I strongly suggest just randomly walking around to see what adventure awaits you.  I had a few hours spare on a recent trip and managed to snap the following selection of photos, with the specific aim of testing my Veydra 16mm lens.  My lens options were deliberately limited to 2 lenses for the whole trip - the Veydra 16mm mounted on the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II and the Leica Nocticron 42.5mm lens mounted on the Panasonic GH4.   My ini

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What does a workers camp, a Kampung, a Kowa, a Veydra and a Nocticron all have in common?

New and old

I think the answer is – just a really awesome experience for shooting and capturing the moment! The Kowa 8.5mm, Veydra 16mm and Leica Nocticron 42.5mm are all just brilliant native mount micro four thirds (m43) lenses. And, a workers camp and kampung just make for an exciting day out with these lenses. A couple of weeks ago as I was transiting from Malaysia to Vietnam where I caught up with a good friend of mine, Bjorn, for a few hours of shooting before I caught a plane. We swapped lenses and casually explored the local area trying to get the most out of the equipment that we were using and really just wanted to document the local area. I know that it won’t be long before these areas are eventually bulldozed, given their location near Mont Kiara.

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A quick look at shooting wide with a Kowa Prominar 8.5mm lens

Into the brisbane sun

I often think of my shooting style as being quite varied, but, I do like to shoot with a good quality manual lens.  The Kowa Prominar 8.5mm is a lens that was first introduced to me a couple of weeks ago by a good friend, Bjorn, who is currently living in Kuala Lumpur.  I shot with it for a full shooting session in Kuala Lumpur and the results were brilliant.  Likewise, I also shot with the Veydra 16mm on the same day and again found the results brilliant – but obviously at nearly twice the focal length, the final photos had a very different p

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Today, it rained and rained and rained


Today it rained and rained and rained in Brisbane. Today, it was really wet, and flooding was quite bad with many people braving the unfavourable weather to get to places. Today some places received over 300mm (12 inches for those who are still in the imperial world) within a few hours. And, today I decided that I needed to grab a camera and lens and capture a few shots on the streets of Brisbane in the rain. This is where it really helps to have a weather sealed camera (and preferably a weather sealed lens to go with that). Sadly, I only had my new cinematic 16mm Veydra lens (see with me. This is a brilliant manual focus lens designed specifically for video, however, it is not weather sealed. Nonetheless its a brilliant lens which I have recently been using for still photos on the street, so I grabbed the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II, mounted the lens (with a snug fitting rubber band around the base of it) and then hit the streets.

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A really really cold New York winter

Playing in the snow

I recently landed in New York for one of the coldest winter days on record! The temperature officially reached -16 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit), though it felt like about -23 degrees Celsius with the wind kicking in.  I had just flown in from Europe where I thought I would have experienced the coldest weather on this trip. If you just want to get to the photos - please head straight to my gallery at

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Highlights of Brisbane City in 2014

One Brisbane street photographyt photo

Its time to sort a few photos and archive some of my 2014 collection of random photos taken on the streets. During this process, I managed to select just 15 photos from the many random days I have had on the streets of Brisbane taking photos. I often get asked what I see or how I find something interesting in such a small country city, however, with a little patience you will always find something to photograph. Whether you like what you photograph is a whole different question. Many times I will arrive back home to look at photos and not like a single photo that I have taken and then other times when I don't think I have any photos worth displaying to others a surprise photo jumps out at me on the large screen.

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Five cities of Japan in seven days

water cups

Its been a crazy few weeks on the road travelling again and I am just settling into Hong Kong for a few days after having finished travelling through 5 cities in Japan over 7 days.  Looking back on my photos I realised that I have managed to see a little bit of Tokyo, Nara, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.  I can't say I saw a lot of each of these cities, but I really did take a lot of photos while I was there.  This time I was travelling with the trusty old Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the Panasonic GH4.  I find that these cameras are both grat cameras to carry around and I love having the 4k video ca

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