Who is "The Footless Fish"

My name is Shaun Nykvist and I have been involved in travel/street photography for over 10 years and photography in general for much longer.  I work for a university in Brisbane, Australia and have worked for many years with developing countries in the areas of ICT and education.  Consequently, I have several degrees, the latest being a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in web-based learning and information and communications technology (ICT). In my spare time I am an adamant photographer and I also tie this in with work I do in the areas of animation and video.  I work a lot with mobile and portable devices and am usually found playing with some new technology in an attempt to see how it can be used in education.  I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and tend to use a lot of Apple products in my work - though I am not limited by this and still run all my hardcore computing needs on  Linux operating systems.

This site is intended as a place for me to share my experiences with the varying types of photography that I do and give people an insight to the many places that I find myself.  I like to think of my photographs as a snapshot in time in a certain place. Should you want to use any of the photos/articles on this site please contact me for further information on how to use them.  Some selected prints are also available for purchase.


The non-serios description

Footless - (adjective) without feet.

Fish - (Noun) a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins and living wholly in water

Fish - (Verb) catch or try to catch fish

Fish - (Noun) a flat plate of metal, wood, or another material that is fixed on a beam or across a joint

A fish out of water - a person in a completely unsuitable environment or situation.


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