Today, it rained and rained and rained

Today, it rained and rained and rained in Brisbane.  Today, it was really wet, and flooding was quite bad with many people braving the unfavourable weather to get to places. Today, some places received over 300mm (12 inches for those who are still in the imperial world) within a few hours.  And, today, I decided that I needed to grab a camera and lens and capture a few shots on the streets of Brisbane in the rain.  This is where it really helps to have a weather sealed camera and preferably a weather sealed lens to go with that.  Sadly, I only had my new cinematic 16mm Veydra lens (see with me.  This is a brilliant manual focus lens designed specifically for video, however, it is not weather sealed.  Nonetheless, its a brilliant lens which I have recently been using more and more for still photos as well as video, so I grabbed the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II, mounted the lens (with a snug fitting rubber band around the base of it) and then hit the streets. 

Today, I ended up totally soaked and so did the camera and lens.  I used the camera and lens with the standard flash that ships with the camera.  This is an improvement on the little flashes that ship with the E-M1 and the original E-M5.  The flash is a great little addition for stoping motion and getting the type of shot I want in these conditions.  This combination of manual lens, zone focussing and flash are great for capturing the everyday scenes that appear in front of you when there is so much happening.  The street was really abuzz with people going in every direction, but when you slow things down a little and just take in the scene - there is nearly always a photographic opportunity.  The aim of the photos below were to capture what I saw on the streets today. All photos were shot at between T/2.2 and T/4.0 and the iso was about iso 400 for all shots (If you don't know what a T-stop is this may help - In some shots, I deliberately slowed the shutter down with the shutter speed being about 1/13th sec or even lower for some shots.  Typically though a shutter speed of 1/60th sec was used and even that is generally slower then I would normally use on the streets - really, I was just out having some fun and enjoying the different type of shooting that you can do under adverse conditions with the right gear.  Like most of my posts here - this is just a collection of photos from a fun outing - over the next couple of days, I will try to post a review of some more detailed photos taken with the 16mm Veydra lens while on a recent trip to Malaysia and Vietnam

The yellow rain protector

A hand in a tub

silhouette in the shadows

How to hold an umbrella while waiting for the bus

Crossing roads in the light and rain

We need this on Instagram now - its been raining

Someone stole the cocktail umbrella

A silhouette in the rain

...really, really not happy that I'm getting wet

Focus - we see!

Streets and people and rain

Yes - I am wet!

Is that my foot pushing the pole over?

Brisbane walking style!

More walking style!

Our hair will stay dry no matter what!

Hiding in the plastic

Dora the explorer will keep me dry!

Blue and yellow

When its really wet - shoes are optional!

Framed by the lines and the light

Sharing - the (in)effective use of an umbrella

This is fun!

VB - A beer that tastes a little like brown flood water - but I liked the rain drops in this poorly commposed image.

Safety shoes - important for all the water

More safety!

Keeping warm in the wet

Another ineffective umbrella!

...yes that is rain water!

The following three images were taken in an area where I was just having some fun playing with backgrounds and annoying people with a small little camera flash.

I really do love rain!

Under-arm wetness

Applauding the yellow plastic style



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