Brisbane, fun and lots of colour!

Festival of colours

With the upcoming G20 not too far away for Brisbane, there are a lot of cultural celebrations on offer around Brisbane.  The current hash tag for the celebrations is #g20cultural and a quick search of social media should find the events.  One of the celebrations on offer over the weekend (26/10/2014) was the Spring Flare - the festival of colours where there was some great live music and plenty of colour to through at people.  See for more details about the festival.  I took the opportunity to get out for a little bit of fun and take along a camera for a few photos - luckily the Olympus OM-D E-M1 coupled with the Olympus 12-40mm lens is a weather sealed system, because I was going to need it.  There were a lot of people at the event and a lot of cameras with and without plastic bags covering them.  I did note that the Olympus and Panasonic weather sealed systems that I saw were lacking plastic bags seen on other cameras and people were happily snapping pics and getting absolutely covered in colour.  The images below are all taken with the aforementioned Olympus configuration which was easy enough to wash off and clean when I arrived home.  I love having this flexibility in a camera - especially when it produces such good results.  I would have loved to have had the 40-150mm lens with me at times but more on that lens at a later date.

Seeing the world in yellow

Yellow seemed to be quite a common colour and only 10 mins nto the event my camera was starting to attract a lot of yellow.  The following short 8sec clip shows the transformation of my camera (footage has been taken with the new GoPro hero black in 4k and then downsized.

The Olympus EM-1 gets coloured from kangawallafox on Vimeo.

Start of a colour burst

mixing colours

...eventually all colours mixed will give brown - good for my visual arts students

capturing the falling colours

...another selfie for the carnival

...if only the iphone was weather sealed, you could actually wash it off at the end

Blue coloured eyes

This is a Panasonic G series camera in the picture

cleaning off in 33 degree heat

Cleaning off with a commercial blower before leaving


The only umbrella at the event!

Blue warriors

The live music was great - here is a shot of an afternoon performer

Water was needed just to wash the colours down

"Can I please colour you?" do you wipe your face without gettign colour all over yourself?

 A unique way to hide your face from the camera (cleaning off before leaving the event)



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