New Olympus OM-D E-M5 screen protectors have arrived

Given the hard life my cameras are acustomed to I do try to protect them in some small way.  Now with the display screens being a common feature of most modern cameras I find it necessary to protect them where possible (and I have scratched and chipped a few over the years).  My Olympus OM-D E-M5 is my travel camera and nearly anything camera.  I use it in the rain, snow and in dusty sandy conditions.  It is used in cold and hot temperatures and I carry extra batteries continuously as it does chew the batteries.  I always have a minumum of 2 batteries with me at all times.  The little rubber eye piece protector around the electronic view finder was lost a long time ago and while I have a spare I just can't be bothered replacing it because the new one will just fall off. Unfortunately this camera does not have a screen that rotates back into the camera to protect it so it is necessary to protect it with a protector, but not al protectors are the same.  The following picture is of the E-M5 screen and the current protector.


old dodgy screen protector

The new screen protector is one from expert shield (see for more details).  I was contacted by the company to test and review the screen protector a couple of weeks back so I will be able to provide a better take on the screen protector after I have used it.  I have only just removed the old one and replaced it with the expert shield screen protector so am keen to hit the streets and see how it holds up. I actually managed to put this protector on without having dust or air bubbles caught under it - thats a positive so far but time will tell.  More about the protector after a little wear and tear on the streets.


For readers in Australia - I will try my best to find a local supplier of these screens.  The screen I received came from the UK.


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