Capturing the streets of Brisbane in May

The sun and King George square

The last week has been a little hectic (or chaotic), though I have managed to keep a camera fairly close by as I have been travelling around.  The following photos really are just another random collection from the last 10 days.  The photos are shot of people/places that interested me or stood out while I was wandering around. They are all shot on the streets of Brisbane with whatever lens or camera I had with me at the time.  In some cases this was just the iPhone 4s or the Olympus OM-D with usually the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens.  Shooting on the street allows me to see things from a different perspective and to look for the little unique differences or things that really standout.

Shadow and Light


An expression or two


Stripes in the light


King George Square playground


A lunch chat


The eye boggles!


standing out in the crowd


A good pork knuckle




King of German Sausages


Autumn colours through the glass


A familiar face on Brisbane streets




A city playground


A huge connect 4


The MX girl


Choosing gerberas


A red manikin


Lunch break


More connect 4


Did someone forget to remove the comb?





Really enjoyed Expressionless and City Playground. Cheers!

By Justin Bonaparte (not verified)

Thanx Justin - the city playground is also one of my friend

By Shaun

Excellent candid shots Shaun!

By Ram (not verified)

Thanx Ram

By Shaun

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